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The Eaton Electrical Belmont High Power Laboratory (Belmont Lab) is a high power testing facility for the use of Eaton Electrical and outside clients. The Belmont Lab is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing facility. The Belmont lab performs a wide range of electrical tests including current interruption tests (in the low and medium voltage ranges), overload electrical and mechanical endurance, high current withstands, temperature rise,  thermal and magnetic calibration tests. Typical test samples include: molded case circuit breakers, power circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, contactors, low and medium voltage switchgear, bus duct, fuses, etc.

The laboratory is located 4 miles south of Belmont, NC approximately, 12 miles from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. A dedicated 104,000 Volt power line from one of the largest generating stations and distribution yards in the Duke Energy system is located less than one mile away and supplies power for the lab. The Belmont Lab is organized in two sections: the High Power Laboratory and the Low Power Laboratory. 

High Power Lab

In the High Power Laboratory, a regulating three-phase transformer feeds two sets of transformers for the low and medium voltage circuits. These, together with current limiting reactors and resistors provide a wide range of voltage, currents, and power factors for many types of power tests. 

The High Power Laboratory has three test cells; the medium voltage test cell with capabilities up to 15kV / 250 MVA, the medium current test cell with a maximum capability of 1000V and up to 65kA, and the high current test cell with a maximum capability of 1200V and up to 200kA with DC capabilities of up to 1000V and up to 75kA (see capabilities for complete details).

The control room sits across the courtyard from the test cells and allows test station operators, customer and witnesses a full view of all the test cells as well as control instrumentation.

Low Power Lab

In the Low Power Lab, a 3 phase transformer (with multiple taps) is used to supply test transformers with various voltages. Test transformers located inside the lab also have multiple taps for acquiring various voltages. There are currently three test stations to conduct short circuit, endurance and overload tests with a maximum AC capability of 1200V and up to 14kA. The low power lab also has DC capabilities of 1000V and up to 10kA (see capabilities for complete details). Each test station is equipped with a programmable logical controller to operate test equipment. There is a control room - observation area which allows  test station operators, customer and witnesses a full view of all the test cells as well as control instrumentation. 

Test Reports

acquir  Test reports are generated from aquired data and given to the customer at the completion of testing. It is at the discretion of the customer whether or not the lab maintains a copy of the test report. Accredited test reports are also available upon request. Test results are kept confidential and are not disclosed to any other parties.


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