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Eaton Corporation Belmont High Power Lab Charging Rates 


Please contact the lab manager for lab availability and pricing.



  • Lab charging rates including one engineer and one technician. Additional manpower charged per hourly rate.

  • Minimum charge is 1/2 day except for Impulse test.

  • Overtime (if accepted) at 1.5X labor rate

  • Other specific tests e.g. thermal, mechanical endurance, shock and vibration, etc. rates negotiable based on rating.

  • Test sample handling  (packing, unpacking, etc), time spent outside of the testing time will be charged to customer at appropriate hourly rate.

  • All shipping charges paid by customer. 

  • Late cancellation penalty - 

  • Notice received less then 14 days prior  - charge for 1/2 day, if we can not fill the lab schedule.

  • Notice received less then 7 days prior - charge for 1 day,  (100% scheduled time if less then 1 day).

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